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Casie Schlueter Photography

What should we wear for our photo session?

Please try to coordinate your outfits, not too matchy-matchy, just coordinated. Maybe 3-4 colors schemes going on.

For my own family, I start with one person’s outfit I love, let’s say it’s a dress I found for my daughter. Maybe it has about 4 main colors in it, and it's not too busy of a pattern. It will be the main piece to pull all the colors together. I take those colors in the dress and try to coordinate everyone else’s outfits around those colors incorporating and mixing elements of those colors in the other family members clothing.

Another thing you can do is start with the person that it is most difficult to buy for or find clothing for. If you pick something they already have that you like or that looks nice on them, then you can go off that outfit to get other family members outfits. 

Please avoid clothing with large logos or wording, this is VERY distracting in photographs and it's where people's eye will go first, which is not what we want.

Please also avoid clothing especially skirts and dresses that are too short or restrictive both for girls and women. I may want to do some poses that will make it difficult to keep it appropriate and not show too much (if you know what I mean). The same goes for tops that are too low-cut or not long enough in the torso and you may have belly hanging out that you don't want. We can do a lot more creative poses and try different places if we don't have to worry about making sure the clothing is always in the appropriate places.

My key is LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS as well as interesting pieces (hat, scarves, headbands, flowers, newsie caps, ties, suspenders, necklaces, bracelets, tights, leggings). It gives the photograph interest and texture. Instead of everyone being in a plain shirt and jeans like in the 90's when everyone wore a blue jean shirt and khaki pants...WAY too boring! 

There are so many good examples on Pinterest. Just search for ‘What to wear for photographs’ or 'Coordinating Outfits for Photos’. You can find pieces to add at Old Navy, kids re-run stores or even e-bay for not a lot of money! Your photos will turn out beautiful when some time is put into the coordination of the outfits. It really makes the difference between good photographs and great portraits!


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