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Casie Schlueter Photography

My father is a professional photographer and ever since I was in grade school, I have gone with him on countless photography sessions. I have grown up watching, learning and absorbing photography pretty much my entire life. I have learned innumerable hands-on tips and techniques, everything from technical details of my camera and lenses, composition, proper lighting and exposure, posing techniques, interacting with clients, business management and countless other skills. I have had first-hand opportunities to learn from his wisdom and years of experience and I do not take that privilege for granted. I have taken everything my father has taught me and fused it with my own fresh, creative spin and flavor.

Ever since I received my own FILM camera for Christmas when I was in high school, I have ALWAYS had a camera with me. In college, my roommates would always joke with me because I always brought my camera when we went out to a restaurant or any activity we were attending. I was constantly taking photos or asking the waitress to take our picture, but now I have albums and albums of all our fun times together.

 One of the requirements for the man I was going to marry was that he had to be ok with getting his picture taken. If not, it wasn’t going to work out.  It would have been ‘a deal breaker’. Good thing my husband puts up with my photography antics! As for my kids, I call myself mom-a-razzi. They have had literally thousands of photos taken in their short lives. My motto is “document, document, document”. I joke that my camera is an extension of my hand.  If my camera is not in my hand, it is in my pocket, purse or car (within arms reach).

 I encourage people to document their lives, on a daily or at least weekly basis. Life is too short and the only thing you will have to look back on is photographs. Try to get professional photographs taken at least on a yearly basis. Most individuals get their family portraits before the holidays, so they can send out holiday cards, you will look back and be glad you have those nice portraits to capture how much your kids and family change from year to year. Photos really are priceless memories. One caveat I strongly believe is that the parents should be IN the photographs as well. I know, I know, you may not feel comfortable having your photograph taken, think you look good enough, or you just don't like getting your photo taken, but your kids will treasure those photographs of all of you together as a family. YOU ARE ENOUGH, you are worth taking photos of and you are a role model for your children. Teach them that they are worth having their photograph taken too, so they don't grow up believing they are not worth being photographed. (Okay, I am stepping down off my soapbox now)

Events and connections have fallen into place and lead me to this point in my life where photography actually became a business for me.  I absolutely LOVE it. The satisfaction that I receive from producing beautiful images makes my heart sing! I get giddy showing the portraits I produce to my clients. That memory in time will forever be documented and reminisced over for their entire lives and generations to come. I am blessed to provide them with that gift.

I tell you all of this to show that photography is my LIFE and always has been. I pride myself in paying attention to details and having an ‘eye’ for what looks good and a female perspective. I prefer photographs where people looked relaxed, show their genuine smiles and you get a feeling of love, laughter and togetherness, not the stiff and stuffy super formal portraits. I know I can provide you with beautiful photographs, that show the real YOU. Please contact me to schedule your session, I would truly be honored.

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