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Casie Schlueter Photography

Top Tips for Your Photo Session


* Pay attention to your lips. So many times I see dry, cracked, peeling lips. This does not look good in every single photo from your session. Start before the photo day, scrub them with a washcloth, moisturize them with chapstick or whatever your favorite lip serum is, get them smooth and hydrated!!! It will look so much better in your photos.


* Drink plenty of water the days leading up to your session. It is the best thing you can do for your skin to get it photo ready and it keeps your lips hydrated!


* Another huge thing that almost every person I photograph needs is TEETH WHITENING. There are strips that work in 3-4 days! It makes a huge difference! Now, don't go over board and have a blinding smile, but a few shades brighter would be fantastic. Even my teenager seniors have pretty significant yellow teeth.


* Stay out of the sun for a few days before your session. You don't want to be fried the day of your session, be peeling from a burn or be drained from being out in the sun all day. Not only will it be uncomfortable to get into poses if you are burned, it will look horrible in the photographs. Yes, Photoshop can take a lot of those things away, but it won’t totally be fixable. It is best to just stay away or wear tons of sunblock.


* Make sure you get a good night sleep the nights leading up to the session. Those bags under the eyes won't be your best look.


* Make sure everyone eats prior to your session! A lot of times the sessions will start around dinner time for optimum lighting. It is easy to think that you’ll just wait and eat afterwards, but I can always tell when that is the case. By the end of the session attention fades, people get cranky (even if they don't mean to) and it is harder to focus on what we are doing. If you eat before, you will be ready to go and you all can stay focused for the whole time. I encourage you to bring non-messy snacks for the kids. We don't want their outfits to get dirty. Maybe even buy some new, fun ones they never get, so we can use it for motivation!!! Examples: fun fruit snacks, dried fruit pieces, mini pretzels or the honey wheat stick pretzels, raisins, apple slices, and don't forget some water!


* Don’t just rely your photographer for all the inspiration. Although, that is definitely part of the job, you know yourself and your family best and what you are looking for. Pinterest has become my very favorite source of inspiration. I usually tell my clients to share a board with me to see what kinds of things you have in mind. I like to be on the same page as my clients so I make sure to capture what they have in mind too. I will definitely have lots of my own ideas, but I want to make sure to get what you want as well. Also, bring any fun props you want! If you want balloons, bubbles, confetti, chalkboards, sunglasses, picture frames, a special afghan or quilt, stuffed animals, wagons please, go ahead and bring them. I am more than happy to use anything you bring. I love when you bring fun, creative ideas to try. We can chat before hand to see if I have any of these before you go out and purchase anything.


* If you’re a tanner stay out of the tanning bed for one week prior to your session. As much as the idea of a spray tan can sound like a good idea I’d avoid it. So often in pictures it will make you look orangey like a pumpkin, and no one wants that. If you are wanting that tanned glow, I would recommend a bronzer.


* If you will be having outfit changes during your session, come with the extra sets ready to go. Have clothes on hangers and not stuffed in bags. Have everything freshly ironed. Accessories can be put in baggies by outfit, so you’re not hunting around trying to find that right pair of earrings or bracelets lost in your bag to go with your favorite outfit. It will make outfit changes fast, so we can get back to taking photos and make the most of your session time!


* Have your hair cut and colored (if you color your hair) at least a week or two prior to your session. This goes for the guys and kids as well! If you have it done just prior to your session there is a good chance that you won’t have mastered the styling and sometimes hair goes into shock for a week after the cut. Also, if it gets cut a little too short (guys) having it done in advance will give a little time to grow back out.


* For makeup: Most foundation have lighteners and brighteners in them (tiny pieces of reflective flakes that reflect light)....making your face appear even and smooth to the naked eye. can look horrible in photographs. My lights will illuminate those reflective particles in your foundation and make your face super white and almost glow. And no matter how well you blend it, you can see exactly where the foundation ends because one part is white and the other regular tone. I would avoid foundation. Maybe just use powder, but I would just say go natural! A little, natural color on the eyes and lips give a healthy, natural beauty boost. We want makeup to look classic and not over done or really bold.


* The more you plan your outfits, accessories and ideas of what you want ahead of time both you and your photographer have time to plan your session. Send me texts of outfit questions, which scarf goes better, if these outfits fit well together. I will help you! LAYERS are best!!! Jackets, pullover sweaters, vests, button ups with shirts under, scarves, etc...

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